Available Places at LYIT

Available Places at LYIT

News, Student News, Staff News / Friday 17 September 2021

There's still time to secure your place at LYIT in 2021

If you haven’t secured an offer for college in the year ahead, or, if you are unhappy with the offer that you have received, then there is still time to choose a programme at LYIT. 

LYIT currently has 21 programmes on the ‘Available Places’ CAO facility, these programmes range from Level 6/7 to Level 8 programmes.

If you are an existing CAO applicant and are interested in this facility, then you can simply login to the ‘Available Places’ facility on the CAO website and click on ‘Existing Applicant’ to update your course lists.  There is no extra cost for existing applicants; however, applicants must meet the minimum entry and the points requirements to secure a place on the programme. 

If you haven’t yet made a CAO application, but have completed the Leaving Certificate, or have a full QQI FET Level 5 award, or you are a mature student, it’s still not too late to apply.  You can make a new CAO application via 'Available Places’ for a fee of €45.  Applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements to secure a place on their chosen programme.

LYIT programmes available on the CAO ‘Available Places’ facility are listed as ‘LY’.  Students can choose from a wide range of discipline areas from Business to Sport, Science to Design, Tourism to Engineering, Computing to Law, Marketing to Hospitality - LYIT has a number of interesting and engaging programmes available.

Billy Bennett, Vice-President for Academic Affairs & Registrar at LYIT commented, “The ‘Available Places’ facility is an important facility for many students; some students may be unhappy with their current offer, whilst others might now realise that the cost of living in some of the major cities is just too expensive.  Over the years, we have found that many students have opted for LYIT through ‘Available Places’.  LYIT has a fantastic reputation, our programmes are highly respected and we are delighted to be able to provide a wide range of programmes through this facility.”

Click here to view the full list of LYIT programmes available on the CAO ‘Available Places’ facility

To secure your future, choose a programme listed ‘LY’ in 2021. It’s not too late to choose LYIT.

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