CAO Code Add-on
  Killybegs Campus

Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Destination Tourism with Marketing

1 year  /    Level 8  /    Full-time   /   Work Placement

Is this course for me?

Our Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Destination Tourism with Marketing is a one-year add-on programme that extends the education and training for aspiring tourism professionals who wish to work in product, management and marketing innovation in the national and international tourism sector.

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Certain semesters of this course are taken in common with other courses.

7 European & International Tourism Policy Mandatory 10 5
Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Decisions Mandatory 10 5
Strategic Entrepreneurship and Tourism Innovation Mandatory 10 5
8 Strategic Marketing Management Mandatory 10 5
Applied Research Project Mandatory 10 5
Digital Media Management & Data Analytics Mandatory 10 5

Follow-on Courses

Follow up programmes elsewhere include:

  • Master degrees in institutes and universities at home and abroad.

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