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Our Higher Diploma in Business in Finance & Technology is a conversion course into the FinTech Industry - a one year course, delivered 100% online, designed to equip you with the core knowledge, skills and competencies to pursue a successful career as a FinTech professional in the financial services industry.

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Certain semesters of this course are taken in common with other courses.

1 The FinTech Industry Mandatory 10 5
The Capital Markets Mandatory 10 5
Financial Systems Analysis Mandatory 10 5
2 Software Engineering for FinTech Mandatory 10 5
Blockchain Technology Innovation and Application Mandatory 5 3
Financial Services Regulation Mandatory 10 5
Work Based Learning Elective 5 0
Applied Project Elective 5 0

Follow-on Courses

Follow up programmes elsewhere include:

  • Masters and Doctoral degrees in institutes and universities at home and abroad.

Key Information

This course is delivered 100% online

Non Eu students will apply via
There is a €20 application fee that all non eu students need to pay in order to submit their application.
All programmes will start in Sept 2022
Students can apply from Jan 2022 onwards

  • "Work Based Learning" must be completed by students not in employment
  • "Applied Project" must be completed by students in employment


EU Fees: €3,000
Non-EU Fees: €10,500

Further Information

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Head of Department Patricia Doherty
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