CAO Code Add-on
  Letterkenny Campus

Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Fire Safety Engineering

1 year  /    Level 8  /    Full-time

Is this course for me?

This Bachelor of Science in Fire Safety Engineering (Level 8) is a unique add-on programme where you will study a range of mainstream and specialised fire technology subjects. The programme is designed with the needs of modern and existing buildings in mind and will focus on the application of the science and implementation of the knowledge derived from the study programme.

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Certain semesters of this course are taken in common with other courses.

7 Fire Dynamics Mandatory 10 6
Fire Safety Design Mandatory 10 6
Quantitative Risk Analysis Mandatory 5 3
Research Report Mandatory 5 3
8 Fire Safety Management Mandatory 5 3
Fire Project Mandatory 10 6
Human Behaviour in Fire Mandatory 5 4
Fire Protection Systems Elective 10 6

Follow-on Courses

Follow up programmes elsewhere include:

  • Masters degree by research
  • Masters degree at other institutes or universities

Further Information

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