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  Letterkenny Campus

Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)

Embedded Systems

1 year  /    Level 8  /    Full-time

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In all aspects of our lives, in our homes, the work place, our car, even our bodies, we are increasingly interacting with embedded sensing, computing and communicating devices, which are monitoring and controlling our environment. This Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Engineering in embedded system design course positions you at the forefront of these continuing innovations.

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Certain semesters of this course are taken in common with other courses.

7 Innovation, Technology and Business Mandatory 5 1
Mathematics 7 Mandatory 5 4
Design Project 2 Mandatory 5 2
Communications Technologies for Embedded Systems Mandatory 5 5
VHDL & Programming Mandatory 5 4
Embedded Systems 2 Mandatory 5 4
8 Networking/Embedded Systems Mandatory 5 5
Mathematics 8 Mandatory 5 4
Professional Practice Mandatory 5 1
Embedded Systems 3 Mandatory 5 4
Software Design (with Embedded LINUX) Mandatory 5 4
Project 2 Mandatory 5 2

Follow-on Courses

Follow up programmes elsewhere include:

  • Under an articulation agreement with Edinburgh Napier University graduates of this course are eligible for entry to year 1 full-time Master of Science in Engineering course.
  • Master degrees (by research)

Further Information

Dr Jim Morrison
Head of Department

Telephone: +353 (0)74 918 6401

School and Department
Department of Electronic and Mechanical
School of Engineering