Letterkenny Campus

Bachelor of Science (Ord)

Early Childhood Care, Health & Education

2 Years  /    Level 7  /    Part-time   /   Work Placement

Is this course for me?

This programme is designed for those working in the area of Early Years Health, Care and Education. It provides a pathway where-by those currently employed in the area may undertake a part time degree whilst simultaneously utilising their day to day work as part of the course.

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Certain semesters of this course are taken in common with other courses.

1 Curriculum Pedagogy and Assessment Mandatory 10
Child Health & Disability Mandatory 10
Creativity in the Early Years Mandatory 5
Research Process & Methods Elective 5
2 Practice Placement 1 Mandatory 30
3 Culture & Contemporary Issues Mandatory 5
Developmental Psychology Mandatory 10
Communication in Early Years Mandatory 10
Children and Families Support Mandatory 5
4 Practice Placement 2 Mandatory 30

Further Information

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Head of Department Dr. Nigel McKelvey
Email: Nigel.McKelvey@lyit.ie
Telephone: +353 (0)74 9186404

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