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Quality Assurance

Welcome to the Quality Assurance (QA) section of the website.  Use the links below to view the section of the QA Handbook which interests you.

Quality Assurance Handbook

Section Contents
Section 1 Background
Section 2 Quality Assurance Policy
Section 3 Procedures and Guidelines for the Design and Validation of New Programmes
Section 4 Procedures and Guidelines for the Ongoing Monitoring of Programmes
Section 5 Procedures and Guidelines for Periodic Evaluation
Section 6 Procedures and Guidelines for Assessment Planning
Section 7 Examination Procedures
Section 8 External Examinations Procedure
Section 9 LYIT Marks & Standards 2011
Section 10 Executive Board Reports
Section 11 Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
Section 12 Learner Complaints Procedure
Section 13 Learner Charter
Section 14 Procedures and Guidelines Governing Collaborative Programmes
(including Transnational Programmes and Programmes Leading to Joint Awards)
Section 15 Postgraduate Research Degree Regulations
Section 16 Modularisation and Semesterisation Framework