Consent Framework

Letterkenny Institute of Technology is committed to providing an environment that is free of sexual violence and sexual harassment for all its students, staff, external stakeholders and visitors. Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment are unacceptable violations of fundamental human rights and a violation of Letterkenny Institute of Technology's core values.

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Education and Training

As students return to campus, higher education institutions launch #UNMUTECONSENT campaign to drive a positive conversation on consent, and to end sexual violence and harassment.
#UnmuteConsent will roll out across all Higher Education Institute campuses and the website will highlight the support, resources, and training available in each university and Institute of Technology.

Active*Consent Workshops

In partnership with NUIG, we run workshops and promote initiatives throughout the year. All First Year Students are expected to take part in an Active*Consent class. These initiatives include facilitated workshops, an e-Learning module along with targeted communications. There is also a podcast in development.
Students and Staff will also be invited to share feedback including workshop evaluation and institutional and national surveys.

Active* Consent at NUI Galway ( provides a safe space to explore the nuances of sexual consent and how best to negotiate active sexual consent. The workshop is based on extensive research by the NUIG Consent team into young people’s sexual behaviours, attitudes and beliefs. The aim is to not merely to give young people the tools to recognise and communicate consent, but to also promote a positive and confident approach to their sexual health.
The Active* Consent workshop gives young people engaging up-to-date information and skills that are practical and relevant for their own relationships.

Moving Parts Animations

Moving Parts Animations, is a series of new short animated and motion graphic videos tackling the topic of consent and telling the stories of survivors of sexual violence and image-based abuse. Created by IADT Animation students and graduates, Moving Parts was developed in collaboration with NUI Galway’s Active* Consent Programme and UCC’s Bystander Intervention Programme. The videos were created with funding made available by the Higher Education Authority (HEA), under a call for applications promoting the Framework for Consent in Higher Education.
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ATU Donegal's Support Services

Health Services
Student Counselling Services
Students' Union
Sexual Violence Support Services in Donegal

Bystander Intervention (in partnership with UCC)

Aims to raise awareness of not only the importance of safe and effective interventions, but also encourage staff and students to become active bystanders and develop the skills and awareness to address sexual violence harassments across third level institutions
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Speak Out tool (in partnership with Counsellors Association PCHEI and other HEI’s)

ATU Donegal is delighted to be part of the Speak Out initiative. Speak Out is an online anonymous reporting tool to disclose incidents of bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, discrimination, hate crime, coercive behaviour/control, stalking, assault, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. The tool will help you to find relevant supports and highlight formal reporting procedures, should you wish to use them. The reports submitted to the college through the Speak Out tool will help the college develop and implement initiatives that help foster a campus culture that is safe, respectful and supportive. ATU Donegal is committed to this endeavour.

It is important to remember that as the tool is completely anonymous, we have no way to identify or make contact with any member of the college community that uses the tool.

Implementation of the Consent Framework in ATU Donegal

ATU Donegal’s Promoting Consent and Preventing Sexual Violence working group (PROPEL) oversees the implementation of the Framework for Consent in Higher Education Institutions: Safe, Respectful, Supportive and Positive- Ending Sexual Violence and Harassment in Irish Higher Education Institutions.

Membership comprises of Key stakeholders including Senior Management, Academics, Professional Management and Support, Student Support Services, HR, Students Union and External Specialists.

ATU Donegal is committed to a culture where each and every individual is treated with dignity and respect, and free from harassment and bullying.
As part of ATU Donegal’s response to the Framework, the Institute is working to ensure that all students and staff have access to education and support on the area of consent. Supporting an environment where our students and staff are comfortable in their daily interactions is paramount. We believe working in partnership with all staff and students to create and maintain an inclusive learning and working environment and ensure that the human rights of all who work, learn and engage with the Institute are, at all times, recognised and respected.

ATU Donegal Institutional Working Group for PROPEL

Paul Hannigan President
John Andy Bonar (Chair) VP for Research, Equality and External Affairs, ATU Donegal
Dr Sharon McLaughlin Lecturer Dept of Law and Humanities, LYIT Member of THEA Working Group PROPEL and National Advisory Committee
Helen McGrandles Human Resources Manager
Una McMenamin Staff Officer, HR
Rory McMorrow Student Services Manager
Nicole Murray Student Counselling Service
Sheila Giblin Teaching, Learning, Student Engagement Officer/ EDI Admin
Hannah Glackin Health Service
Brian McGonagle Access Coordinator
Rosin McCormack Disability Officer
Dr Nigel McKelvey Head of Flexible and On-line Learning
John McGarvey Lecturer Dept of Computing
Lorraine Kessack Staff Officer, Estates
Steven O Donnell Student Advisor, Flexible and Online Learning
Adam O Flaherty Student Union President
Edward Grant Student Union Welfare officer
Siobhan Mollahan Inspector, An Garda Síochána, Letterkenny
Bridin Bell Clinical Nurse Specialist, Sexual Assault treatment Unit (SATU), Letterkenny
Connie McGilloway Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Sexual Assault treatment Unit (SATU), Letterkenny
Marina Porter Manager of Donegal Rape Crisis, Letterkenny