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    (From Concept to Syntax)

    10-Credit Special Purpose Award

    What is this course about?
    With an increased emphasis on teaching computing in schools, there is increasing demand for teachers to introduce coding as part of the curriculum.  This 10 credit special purpose level-8 award is designed to build on the teachers existing knowledge of coding principles (concepts) to assist teachers in further developing their knowledge of computer programming.
    Specifically the objectives of the course are to provide teachers with
    • the skills necessary to begin implementing coding using syntax within their respective professional contexts.
    • insights into the discipline of computer programming making explicit professional programming practices.
    • an awareness of the technical requirement necessary to engage meaningfully with code and syntax in the classroom.
    This programme will begin by providing the learner with a brief overview of computing and particularly computer coding through research and investigation. The main material covered in the module will seek to develop the learners’ knowledge as it pertains to teaching computer coding, using syntax, at primary and post-primary level.
    Do I need to know how to program before I do this course?
    We will assume some knowledge of computer programming concepts but not necessarily anything about programming syntax.  Typically students might have completed the Certificate in Coding Principles (although this is not a prerequisite).  However teachers who have other prior knowledge of coding will find the course accessible.
    What are the course fees, how do I book my place on the course and how do I pay?
    The course fees are €200. 
    For an application form click here. You will receive login details in the post to allow you to register and pay online.  If your employer is paying your fees please include details about your employer on the application form and your employer will be invoiced for the fees. 
    Where is it being run?
    This course is designed to be delivered over 2 Saturdays on campus in Letterkenny Institute of Technology with the rest of the course being delivered nationally via Blended/Distance Learning.
    The next intake for the course will run on the following dates:
    • Online: 7pm-9pm, 24th January 2018
    • Online: 7pm-9pm, 7th February 2018
    • LYIT - on campus: 10:30am-4pm, 10th February 2018
    • Online: 7pm-9pm, 7th March 2018
    • Online: 7pm-9pm, 21st March 2018
    • LYIT - on campus: 10:30am-4pm, 24th March 2018
    The closing date for applications will be 15th December 2017
    Will this course be recognised by the Teachers Registration Council?
    As this is the first iteration of the course we can’t confirm this yet.  However teachers who have completed the first course-The Certificate in Computing in Coding Principles for Teachers have had those credits recognised by the Teacher's Registration Council.  We are very hopeful that this Certificate course will also be recognised by the Council.
    • For general information about the course contact: Thomas Dowling, Head of Department of Computing, Letterkenny Institute of Technology by E- Mail: thomas.dowling@lyit.ie or Telephone: (074) 918 6304
    • For detailed information about the course content contact Nigel McKelvey at nigel.mckelvey@lyit.ie
    • For further information about registration and payment contact: Rory McMorrow, Admissions Office, Letterkenny Institute of Technology by E- Mail: Rory.McMorrow@lyit.ie or Telephone: (074) 918 6125

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