Computing Summer Camp

Computing Summer Camp LYIT 2017

This year LYIT will hold an exciting Computing Summer Camp for secondary school students throughout Donegal. Three Computing Summer Camps will take place on the following dates;

  • Computing Summer Camp 1: 6th – 9th June, 2017 - Full
  • Computing Summer Camp 2: 20th – 23rd of June, 2017 - Full
  • Computing Summer Camp 3: 26th to 29th of June, 2017 - Full

The students will receive training and introductory knowledge in disciplines such as games development / multimedia /programming /networking and security. 

Student will experience great hands on practical’s.  For example:

  • learning to hack networking devices
  • design their own game
  • develop their own web page
  • write computer programs

There will be guest talks from an existing student in computing, a computing graduate working in the local IT industry.  Our special guest lecturer this year will be Danny McFadden who is one of our graduates and was the Chief IT Technology Office for the British Antarctic Expedition.

For an application form please click here: Application Form Computing Camp

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