How to Apply to First Year Courses

    Prospective first year entrants may apply for any or all of the following:
  • Level 6, Higher Certificate (2 years)
  • Level 7, Bachelor Degrees ab initio (3 years)
  • Level 8, Bachelor Degrees (Hons.) ab initio (generally 4 years, though some are 3)

Applicants wishing to enter first year in full time mode, and presenting qualifications from the EU/EFTA as a basis for entry should apply via the CAO, not directly to the college. Each first year programme has a 5-digit CAO code.  These codes are listed on the programme pages of this site.  They are also listed in the CAO Handbook, which is available in hard copy via schools, or from:

Tower House
Eglinton Street
Tel: (091) 509800

You may download an electronic version of the CAO handbook and of any amendments thereto here

Applicants who should apply directly to LYIT, and not via CAO, include

  • Those who have successfully completed the LYIT Access Foundation Programme,
  • Erasmus exchange students and
  • International applicants applying on the basis of qualifications from outside the EU/EFTA may apply directly to our International Office.

The CAO Handbook contains an application form. It is also possible to apply via the internet at www.cao.ie.  Internet application is preferable, as it is cheaper, faster and less error prone than a paper application. You can see the application process demonstrated here. Please ensure you use the correct programme code when filling the CAO application.  Remember to supply all relevant information, including date of birth and details of your Leaving Cert. (year and exam number) or of other school leaving exams.

CAO can trace  Leaving Cert results (from 1995 or later), FETAC, or standard academic GC(S)E results from the  UK or Northern Ireland provided they have a correct name and date of birth, details of your exam number, and the year in which you took the exam,

For any other exam type, including vocational and applied awards,  you must supply copy transcripts. The transcript provided must be in the original language and must show:  the name of the exam,  the awarding body,  the year of the award, the subjects taken, and the grades achieved.  If the original language is not English an notarized translation must be also be provided. Note that we need both the original language version and the notarized translation, one is no good without the  other.

Application Closing Dates for First Year

Application Deadlines*  (On-Line/Electronic)Closing DateCost
Early on-line application  (discounted rate)  January 20th , 5.15 p.m €25
Normal Online Application
Final date for restricted programmes & codes
February 1st,   5.15 p.m.  €40
Late On-line Application
Applicants for restricted codes, including mature nursing codes, may NOT avail of the late application date
May 1st , 5.15 p.m. €50
Change of Mind
Applications for restricted codes, including mature nursing codes, may NOT be added at this point
July 1st , 5.15 p.m. Nil
Application Deadlines*  (Paper/hard copy)Closing DateCost
Normal Paper Application
Final date for restricted programmes & codes
February 1st  5.15 p.m. €40
Late Paper Application
Applicants for restricted codes, including mature nursing codes, may NOT avail of the late application date
May 1st , 5.15 p.m.  €80 
Exception to Timetable: Only applies to students currently registered in first year who wish to change to another programme.
Current Undergraduate in First year of College
Note this date is only available to current undergraduates, who are registered in first year in any HEI, who entered that programme via the CAO, and who now wish to change to a different programme. The application from must be submitted in paper format and must be stamped, on page 2, by the Registry in the college in which you are currently registered.  (See Cao handbook page 5)
July 22nd  5.15 p.m. €80
CAO application fees are non-refundable.

Minimum Entry Requirements for First Year

In general, applicants for first year must have successfully completed at least 5 subjects in the Irish Leaving Certificate (or an equivalent international examination).
Maths and either English or Irish are required for most programmes.
There may be additional specific subject and/or grade requirements for some programmes.
For example:- a science subject is required for nursing and veterinary nursing, art is required for graphic design.
Any specific subject or grade requirements will be listed under the heading Minimum Entry Requirements on individual programme pages.

Garda Vetting

LYIT has a number of programmes which include a placement element, during which students may come into contact with vulnerable adults or children.  Applicants for these programme are requried to undergo garda vetting.  For any programme where garda vetting is required, non EU applicants will not be considered unless/until the pool of qualified EU applicants has been exhausted.  

Mature Applicants

Mature applicants are those who are over 23 by January 1st in the proposed year of entry.  Mature applicants for nursing programmes will have to undergo an aptitude test organized by the Nursing Board in conjunction with PAS (the Public Appointments Service). This normally takes place in April/May.  For more information on this please view the Nursing Careers Website,

All other programmes will have a limited quota of places reserved for applicants who are admitted on the basis of maturity only.  Selection for this quota will be by random selection on Round A and Round Zero,  based on random rankings assigned by the CAO.  All mature applicants will have an equal chance in the random selection on these rounds, regardless of any exam results or the lack thereof.

Mature applicants who have qualifying exam results will, in additon, also be eligible to enter a separate competition on Round 1 and subsequent rounds. Selection on Rounds 1 and later will be competitive and will be based on points arising from qualifying exam results.

Mature Applicant FAQ
QQI/FE applicants

Non Standard Applicants

Non Standard Applicants are those who are presenting any qualifications other than

  • Irish Leaving Certificate,
  • QQI/FE results or
  • Standard Academic A-levels from the U.K and Northern Ireland

These applicants should also apply before February 1st. and should fill pages 3 & 4 of the CAO application form with care.

Supporting documentation, such as relevant Certificates for pre-existing awards, should normally be posted so as to arrive with CAO within 10 days of submission of an on-line application. (See page 12 of the CAO handbook)

Where it is not possible to supply the supporting documentation within this time frame, an indication should be provided as to when it will arrive.  The admissions office at the HEI should also be alerted when any late documentation is supplied.

The final date for receipt of documents that will be considered for Round 1 is August 10th.

Exam Certificates should show the name of the Exam/Award, the subject(s) taken and the final grade(s) achieved.

Provisional results are not acceptable.

If you are presenting non standard exams, e.g. any exams other than Irish Leaving Certificate, FETAC, or A-levels from UK or Northern Ireland, and if those exam results are not available at the time of application, please indicate (on page 4 of the CAO application form) the date by which you expect to send them to the CAO. 

LYIT is required to rate all applicants before round 1.  We undertake a final check for results for non-standard applicants around August 15th.  If your results are not available by that date you will be deemed ineligible.  That status will remain in place unless/until you alert us that your application needs review because new information has become available.  Therefore, where results of non standard exams become available AFTER round 1, it is important that you call Registry at LYIT as soon as you have made those results available to the CAO to ask us to review your application.

Overseas Applicants

Before submitting a CAO application please review this section.
EU/EEA applicants can  consult the guidelines on entry requirements here.
Follow the link for further information on Minimum Entry Requirements and points 

Applicant wishing to enter first year in part-time  or ACCS mode, do not apply via the CAO. Please click here for information on ACCS study

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