FETAC Applicants

The general minimum entry requirement for graduates of FETAC (NCVA level 2 or 3) awards to LYIT are as follows:
Level & Award at LYITFETAC/NCVA Level 2 Entry Requirement
Level 6 Higher Certificate full FETAC (NCVA level 2 or 3) award. 
Level 7ab-initio BachelorDegree full FETAC (NCVA level 2 or 3) award. 
Level 8ab-initio Honours Degree  (with the exception of nursing programmes) full FETAC (NCVA level 2 or 3) award in a course in a cognate area and including a distinctions in at least three modules. 
Level 8 Nursing Programmes FETAC (NCVA Level 2) award in DCHSN (nursing studies) or DCHSX (community and health services).Applicants must obtain a distinction in 5 modules, including distinctions in D20001 (anatomy and physiology), and D20012 (introduction to nursing), and  D20032 (human growth and development or C20006 (biology).
Note that a full FETAC award normally contains 8 modules. A Component Certificate or Record of Achievement is awarded to candidates who successfully complete one or more FETAC (NCVA) level 5 modules. These Component Certificates do not meet the entry requirements. Applicants must have the full level 5 award. In some instances FETAC modules are accumulated over more than one academic year. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the applicant to apply to FETAC for a full award.
Notwithstanding the general minimum entry requirements listed above, some LYIT programmes courses have additional requirements for specific FETAC modules or FETAC courses. These requirements are listed in the file: FETAC Table Entry.
Points Based on FETAC Results
Points are calculated based on the best 8 modules presented.  The vast majority of awards presented have a credit value of 1 and are taken at level 2.  Such Modules are scored as follows:
20 points 35 points 50 points
For modules with alternative values and/or at other levels, scores are adjusted pro rata as follows:
Module Credit ValueDistinctionMeritPass
Level1Level2Level3Level1Level2Level3Level1Level 2Level3
0.5 12.5 25 31.3 8.8 17.5 21.9 5 10 12.5
1.0 25 50 62.5 17.5 35 43.8 10 20 25
1.5 37.5 75 93.8 26.3 52.5 65.6 15 30 37.5
2.0 50 100 125 35 70 87.5 20 40 50
Offers Based on FETAC Results
For several programmes at LYIT a maximum quota of places have been set aside for FETAC applicants (See table above)
  • General Nursing, LY908, two places
  • Psychiatric Nursing. LY918, one place
  • Intellectual Disability, Nursing LY928, one place
  • Early Childhood Care, Health and Education, LY907, two places
  • Health & Social Studies. LY917, one place
  • Veterinary Nursing, LY804,one place in
FETAC scores for these programmes will be based on exams taken at a sisngle sitting and will be considered on round zero only.  FETAC applicants who do not achieve quota places on round zero, can, if they also have Leaving Cert/GCSE results, compete on round 1 for non-quota places.
However please note that only Leaving Cert. results will be considered at round 1.
Points based on FETAC will not be considered on round 1 for any course where a quota is listed above.
For remaining programmes, where no specific number of places is listed, points based on FETAC results may be accumulated over more than one sitting, FETAC Scores are included in the round 1 order of merit list.  If a student has also taken a school leaving exam such as Leaving Certificate/GCSEs, etc., then the exam yielding the highest score will be used for ranking.  Offers for courses that do not have a specific FETAC quota will be made in round 1.  .
FETAC 2012
There will be no change in the way CAO points are allocated to FETAC graduates for entry into Institutes of Technology in September 2012.
FETAC 2013
For entry into Institutes of Technology from September2013,  all FETAC level 5 and FETAC level 6 awards will be scored to deliver a maximum of 400 CAO points.
Scoring for Common Awards Scheme
Points will be based on a maximum of 120 contributing credits. The best 120 credits will be considered for scoring purposed.  A maximum of 400 points will be achievable.  Point will be calculated using the formula Credit Value X Grade Value X 1.111111
Sample Scoring Common Awards Scheme
Component Value Grade Value Factor Points Credits
1 15 D 3 1.11111 50 15
2 15 D 3 1.11111 50


3 15 D 3 1.11111 50 45
4 15 D 3 1.11111 50 60
5 15 D 3 1.11111 50 75
6 15 D 3 1.11111 50 90
7 15 D 3 1.11111 50 105
8 15 D 3 1.11111 50 120
9 15 D 3 1.11111 50 140*
Total points based on best credits (to max of 120) 400


Component Value Grade Value Factor Points Credits
1 15 D 3 1.11111 50 15
2 15 D 3 1.11111 50 30
3 15 D 3 1.11111 50 45
4 15 D 3 1.11111 50 60
5 15 M 2 1.11111 33 75
6 15 M 2 1.11111 33 90
7 10 M 2 1.11111 22 100
8 10 M 2 1.11111 22 110
9 15 P 1 1.11111 17 125 *
Total points based on best credits (to max of 120) 311  
* Since a maximum of 120 credits are counted for points,the 9th component in each example above is not included in the calculation of total points
FETAC Level 6
Applicants presenting FETAC Levle 6 Awards may be eligible for some exemptions or perhaps even for advanced entry into year 2 of a cognate area, provided there is sufficient overlap in the learning outcomes that they achieved via the FETAC Level 6 and those achieved by our own first years.  This is a judgement call for the relevant Head of Department and/or RPL officer at LYIT.  Each such application has to be considered separately and on its merits.
In order to establish what, if any, exemptions may be available,  an applicant intending to present a  FETAC level 6 Award should apply directly to LYIT.   The application would be forwarded to the Head of Dept. for decision.  Just in case they aren’t deemed eligible for any exemptions or advanced entry, applicants with FETAC level 6  qualifications may also want to apply, via CAO, for first year - as a fall-back or failsafe position. 
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