Deferred Entry

If an applicant is offered a place and finds that they are unable to take it up, it may be possible to defer entry until the following year. 

Please note that LYIT normally only grants deferrals on medical, or similarly serious grounds.  If you are taking a year out, taking up employment, repeating the Leaving Certificate or undertaking a different course, a deferral will not normally be granted.  Applicants seeking (or holding) a deferral are reminded to take careful note of all the points listed below.

Applying for a Deferral

1. You must apply in writing by letter.  Applications for deferral are not dealt with by phone or e-mail.

2. If you are seeking a deferral do NOT send an acceptance to the CAO.

3. Instead, write to the Registry at LYIT as soon as possible, outlining the reasons why a deferral is sought. 

Please note that LYIT normally only grants deferrals on medical, or similarly serious, grounds.
Both your letter and the envelope in which you send it should be clearly marked DEFERRED ENTRY.  The letter must include your name and CAO number (If you wish, you may attach a copy of the CAO offer notice, which will contain both your name and CAO number.). Ideally, your application must reach LYIT at least 2 days before the reply date shown on the CAO offer notice. LYIT will write back to you confirming receipt of the application and the decision.  You should normally expect to have a rapid written response from LYIT.  If, for any reason, you do not receive a written response before the reply date shown on the CAO offer, it is important to contact the college immediately.

4. If a deferral is not granted, and provided you have acted sufficiently promptly to get a response before the closing date for the round, you may still take up the place in the current year.

5. If a deferral is granted a copy of this confirmation should be retained.

Taking up a Deferral

Once granted, a Deferral is valid for one year only, and only for the course deferred.   If, for any reason, that course should be discontinued, the applicant will not, automatically, be entitled to a place on any other course.

Applicants to whom deferrals are granted must re-apply, via the CAO, the following year, in order to signal their continued interest.  A year is a long time.  It is not unusual that, having deferred a place for a year, an applicant subsequently changes their mind.  LYIT does not wish to leave places empty in such circumstances, as other applicant may wish to avail of them.
If a deferred entry student fails to re-apply, they will be deemed to have lost interest. The deferral will be lost.

The Deferred place must be the only programme listed on the re-application.
If, when re-applying, a deferred applicant list any course other than that for which the deferral was granted, they will be deemed to have elected to enter a new competition.  In this case they will go into direct competition with a new cohort of students and there is then no guarantee that they will be re-offered the deferred place.  Depending on the order of preference of the courses listed, and on the level of competition, they may end up with

1. The same offer as the previous year,
2. An offer for a different programme,
3. No offer

To secure the deferred place re-apply for that course and for that course only.

When re-applying to the CAO the deferred applicant must complete the application fully.
Include again any documentation that you included with the original application.  Attach a copy of the "Confirmation of Deferral" letter you received from LYIT. Write "Deferred Applicant" and your CAO number from the previous year on page 4 of the CAO form.

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