If you find that you are unhappy with your course choice, or with college life in general, and if you are thinking of quitting, it is important not to make any rash decisions.  Before finalizing your decision you should discuss your situation with appropriate people and seek their advice.  These may include friends, parents, siblings, a course lecturer, your Head of Department, the college Careers Advisor, Chaplains, Learning Support Specialist , or the Student Counsellor.  Each of these may be able to provide a different perspective on your situation.  They may be able to offer help and advice that will help you to continue, or they may point you toward alternatives that you have not considered.  The more advice you seek, the better the chance that you will arrive at the right decision for you.  

In any case, should you ultimately decide to leave LYIT,  whether you are quitting college altogether or transferring to a course elsewhere, it is very important that you formally de-register.  A formal de-registration may, in some circumstances, trigger a refund.  Even where no refund is due, if you simply leave college without formal de-registration, it may have a negative impact on your fee situation if you ever decide to return to college at a later date. 

Transferring to a different course Internally (post registration.)

Internal transfer during first year is by no means easy.  Student cannot be guaranteed that requests for internal  transfers will have a successful outcome.   For this reason, applicants are advised to do plenty of research pre-entry and to finalize their course choices by July 1st at 5.15pm

That said, internal transfers can occasionally be accommodated either via  a CAO Available Places re-application or,  though this is more unusual, via LYIT’s approved Internal Transfer Process after the CAO season has closed.

Applicants are strongly advised not rely on either of  these eventualities since

  1. A. Not every course is listed on Available Places, - The course into which they wish to transfer may be full and/or have a waiting list, which takes priority.
  2. B. Even where space is available, transfer applicants will need the approval of the relevant Head of Departments and Registry.  Such approval will be contingent, among other things,  on the applicant meeting  both the general matriculation and the  points requirements for the new course.

Where an internal transfer is approved you are required to formally de-register from the initial course before you can re-register for the new course.

In order to formally de-register, please follow the link below to the de-registration survey. 

Note that you must complete these 4 steps:

  • Complete the survey
  • Print off the second last page
  • Sign and date it
  • Submit the signed and dated final page to Noeleen Lafferty in the Admissions Office.   

Begin De-registration now

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